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Sunday, April 19, 2015


The Saskatchewan Film Classification Board has exempted 90 of the films listed

in the festival program under the following conditions:

absolutely no one under the age of 18 will be admitted to view any of

the films shown in the festival;

the festival organizers must have a person at the ticket/admission

entrance to check on the age of any patron who appears to be under the

age of 18; if proof of age cannot be demonstrated, the patron will be

refused entry to the festival; and

the festival organizers must post public notices at the entrance to the

theatre and ticket station advising of the age restriction for

admission and warning that the films being shown are meant for mature

audiences and may contain scenes or include themes that some may

find offensive.

In circumstances such as this film festival, films are either granted an

exemption to The Film and Video Classification Act and can be shown subject to

any terms and conditions set by the Saskatchewan Film Classification Board, or

are not granted an exemption and cannot be shown. The Queer City Cinema 2000

program included 92 films. None of the films has been given a classification.

On May 5, Queer City Cinema 2000 was granted a partial exemption and asked to

submit 11 films to the Saskatchewan Film Classification Board for review.

Two films were not made available for review. They are not included in this

exemption and can not be shown.


For more information, contact:

Al Dwyer

Chair, Saskatchewan Film Classification Board


Phone: (306) 787-2952
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