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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Premier Brad Wall, Minister of Municipal Affairs, and Meadow Lake MLA Jeremy Harrison and Mayor Darwin Obrigewitsch today introduced Meadow Lake as Saskatchewan's newest city.

"Meadow Lake's proud history can be traced back to a Hudson's Bay trading post, established by Peter Fiddler in 1799," Wall said. "The potential recognized by Fiddler and other famous explorers like Peter Pond and Alexander MacKenzie has brought us to this day, when prosperity and growth brings Meadow Lake to city status."

"It's growth that is being driven by many factors - agriculture, energy exploration and the tremendous future potential of oil sands development in Saskatchewan. Today's decision is a vote of confidence in the community, and further evidence that Saskatchewan is moving forward," Wall said.

To receive city status a community must have a population of 5,000 or more. According to the 2006 census, Meadow Lake was below the 5,000 population threshold to be declared a city. However, with significant growth in the past three years the town council and Ministry of Municipal Affairs were confident that the population had reached the required level.

"It has been nine years since we have seen a town become a city in Saskatchewan. As Minister of Municipal Affairs and MLA for Meadow Lake I am honoured to play a role in helping our community move boldly into the future," Harrison said.

Meadow Lake was incorporated as a village in 1931 and became a town in 1936, a short five years later.

"For many years past mayors and councillors have worked towards a vision of what would most benefit the community of Meadow Lake," Obrigewitsch said. "Today that vision has finally come true. We are a community that is growing and moving forward, and we are proud to become a city."

Meadow Lake's city status will take effect on November 9th following the first council meeting after this fall's civic elections.

Humboldt was the last Saskatchewan town to be declared a city in 2000.

With the change in status of Meadow Lake, there are now 14 cities in Saskatchewan, 146 towns, 266 villages, 40 resort villages, 296 rural municipalities, two northern towns, 11 northern villages and 12 northern hamlets.

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