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Sunday, April 19, 2015


The government introduced a new program today that gives victims of crime a

stronger voice in court.

The Victim Impact Statement Program gives victims the opportunity to tell the

court how a crime has affected them. In recent years, victim impact

information has been provided to courts in a variety of ways. This will ensure

everyone's voice is heard and is a further step the provincial government is

taking to ensure victims are treated with dignity and respect.

"Every victim of a reported crime can complete a victim impact statement,"

Justice Minister Chris Axworthy said. "It is important that the statements and

concerns of victims be considered. The Victim Impact Statement Program is one

way these experiences can be communicated. "

Studies have shown where victim impact statement programs are in place, victims

express greater feelings of being dealt with justly.

Victims feel valued and empowered by the process and for these reasons, a

greater sense of satisfaction with the justice system.

This program will recognize victims of crime and others, like the victim's

family, who may also be affected by the crime. Victims services personnel will

be available for those who need help filling out their victim impact statements.


For more information contact:

Debi McEwen

Communications and Public Education Branch

Saskatchewan Justice


Phone: (306) 787-6043
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