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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Saskatchewan is once again a national leader with the introduction today of The

Electronic Information and Documents Act.

The legislation creates a legal framework for E-commerce that will have a

positive effect on the demand for Saskatchewan products on-line and encourage

the growth of E-commerce in Saskatchewan communities.

"Our province is showing leadership in a world where more and more business is

being conducted on the Internet," Justice Minister Chris Axworthy said.

"Existing law regarding legal relationships, including contracts, was developed

for a paper-based system. This legislation will introduce a measure of

certainty to the world of E-commerce in Saskatchewan."

Axworthy expressed pride that Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada to

take this important, forward looking step.

"We want to be sure that the business climate in Saskatchewan supports the

development of electronic commerce. Saskatchewan is taking this opportunity to

participate in this new form of economic activity."

The act provides basic rules and general principles to ensure the equivalent

treatment of electronic and paper documents and information. For example, two

businesses may agree to enter into a contract on-line. This act provides the

legal framework so that the electronic contract is as enforceable as a paper


The legislation is a based on a model developed by the Uniform Law Conference

of Canada, which builds on the United Nations Model Law on Electronic



For more information, contact:

Debi McEwen

Saskatchewan Justice


Phone: (306) 787-6043

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